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Viewing Newsletter for 29 Jun - 5 Jul 2017

Issue #Date RangeDate AuthoredAuthorAttachments
2017, #2229 Jun - 5 Jul 2017Jul 05, 2017Stephen Shoshin0
Toms River Chess Club Newsletter 2017 #22

This week (29 June-5 July)….

GM Tigran L. Petrosian was the World Open winner in the Open Section with 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, earning a cool $20,500 for his efforts! He was named after the Armenian Grandmaster who died a year before he was born. So for all you young chess players, here is a good reason to strive to become much better in chess! The tournament is held over the 4th of July Holiday in Philadelphia, this year from 29 June-4July, in 9 rounds.

Members of the TRCC who attended and their final results were: Isaiah Totaro (1556) U1800 5W, 1D, 3L-5 ˝ points, Jack Silver (1596) U1600 5W, 1D, 3L-5 ˝ points, Bob Whiteside (1422) U1600 4W, 4L, 1F-5 points, Dan Westadt (1163) U1400 1W, 4D, 4L-3 points, Jim Tuzeneu (1060) U1400 2W, 1D 4L, 1 Bye-3 points and Tom DiOstilio (1800) U2000 3W 6L-3 points. This was Tom’s first slow game tournament and he was placed in the U2000 Section based on his blitz rating. Very good results for him!

Steve D’Agostino and Evan Segui went to the World Open on Monday and played in the U1900 Section of the G/10 Blitz Tournament, a 5 round Swiss in two sections, Open and U1900. Although Steve was rated 1329, he played against much higher rated opponents. In his words:
“I won my first game, which I played as white against Kenneth Moody, who was rated at 1826. My second game was my only loss and the only game I did not win, which I played as black against Charles Hua, who was rated at 1832. I won my third game, which I played as white against Thomas Lowery, who was rated at 1679. I won my fourth game, which I played as black against Joshua Wong, who was rated at 1841. And I won my fifth and final game, which I played as white against Peter Pritchett, who was rated at 1874.”
Quite an impressive performance which won him $120! Evan did not fare as well, going 1 W, 1 D, 3L.

Congratulations to all who played in the 2017 World Open!

I once again urge all members to join the USCF (if you do so through the club, you save some money) and play in rated tournaments. You will earn voting privileges and be able to compete in any tournament. Our next club championship tournament will be a rated one, so only United States Chess Federation members will be eligible.

At the meeting, members Tom Bogert, Dylan Clark, Austin Kramer, Steve D’Agostino, Rich Newmark, Rob Murray (who is rehearsing for a play in August, will miss some meetings), Michael Chua, Damon Simms, Jim Bonanno, Greg Coats (who competed in the Hamilton Quads again), Stan Lachick, Edd Knowles, Michael Contarino, Matthew Gil, Pat Festa, Elliott Kleinman, Andrew Assur, Lowell Berg (back from Seattle and making coffee again), Alicia Baylock, Chris and Janice Kenney, Jonathan and Robert Capalbo, Jim Tuzeneu, Steve Doyle (!), Evan Segui, Sam Foster, Brian Meinders and myself. Milan Haruda came but announced that he would not be attending for a while. Visitors included Joseph Ferraioli, David Kleinfeld, Renee Pauigutan, Sheela Chattopadhyay and Dylan Arnodt.

Due for renewal are: Mike Symczak, Hal Sprechman, Damon Simms, Joe O’Brien, Art Aiken, Matthew Gil, Stan Lachick, Jillian Centanni and William Wright. Please fill out new forms and pay your dues. Thanks.

Brian Meinders, who will be leaving us for a while, has tentatively agreed to a simul on the 20th of July. Details will follow. The clocks are in (some already sold) and are a great deal. Get ‘em while you can! Jim B, Steve D and myself struggled with the new cabinet, which is in pretty bad shape and then discovered that a better one was earmarked for us! New keys are getting procured for that one, too.

Any questions, comments, corrections or suggestions, contact me,

Stephen Shoshin

Underdog Steve D`Agostino
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