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Current Newsletter, for 25 - 29 Jul 2022

Issue #Date RangeDate AuthoredAuthorAttachments
2022, #3025 - 29 Jul 2022Aug 03, 2022Nick Carlson1
Hello Chess Players,


Here was the member meeting attendance at the 7/28-22 club meeting:

Nicholas Carlson, Matt Greenhall, Steve D'Agostino, Patrick Festa, Nate Kripinski, Jim Carter, Ronald Gialanella, Frank Bellinfante, Giovanni Fevola, David & Maggie Teta, Erik Stroin, Deborah Stroin, Jeffery Marcus, Mike Symczak, Dinkar Pujara, Matthew Iacoviello, Robby Dalton, Finn Leonard, Stan Lachick, Colton Deluca, Alessandro Zipoli, Christian Discenza, Bob Whiteside, Eugene Salomon, Sabrina Gleason, Robert Dalton, James Paguiligan & Kasey Nguyen (29).

We had 3 visitors, Frank's Guest Matt Deamer who participated in the Summer Splash, Eugene Salomon's guest (whose name we don't have written down anywhere), and Rachel McGuire.

Club Updates:

Summer Splash Update:
The summer splash as of August 3rd is 90% uploaded, I am in the process of dealing with a membership dispute with the USCF. Once this is resolved the tournament will be uploaded. (Likely to be uploaded by the 8/11 meeting). A huge Congratulations to Matt Greenhall for going 5-0 in the tournament and a big thank you to Matt Iacoviello who ran a smooth and efficient tournament! Another thank you to all of our participants!!

By-Laws Update: All 6 proposals received the minimum number of votes (22) to achieve a quorum and all proposals passed and were approved. All but proposal 2 was passed unanimously with 22 votes in favor and 2 votes against. The updated by-laws will be published in time for the August 11th meeting.

Special club shout-outs: Thank you to member Bob Whiteside for bringing in Ice Cream for the membership at the 7-28 meeting!! Another thank you goes to Pat Festa for going out of his way to fix and improve the club's broken and unweighted chess pieces.

Upcoming Events:

We will be hosting a free 21 and under USCF Rated rapid 4-round swiss later in the month! (Likely during the August 18th meeting) The time control will be G10; d3. More information will be provided in next week's newsletter! Stay tuned!!

TRCC Online will also be beginning towards the end of the month, more information to come in the following newsletters.

Eugene`s Speech:

Finally, we end the newsletter with Eugene Salomon's speech! Right before the 2nd round of the summer splash TRCC Life member and Life Master Eugene Salomon came into the club and gave an announcement where he talked about his chess career, his meeting with Alekhine, and talked about his chess writings. He gifted me with 5 articles, one was a gift for me and the 4 others were for other club members (Stephen Shoshin, Steve Doyle, Edd Knowles, & Gregory Coats). I will be bringing my copy of the article at this week's 8/4 meeting for any member who wishes to read it. To the other listed members please come and visit the club soon to pick up your article! Eugene will be invited back this fall to give a lecture on his book as the oldest person ever to give a lecture at the TRCC!

Attached to this email is a picture of Eugene giving his speech; Photo credits go to member James Paguiligan!

Thank you and see you at tomorrow's meeting!

(P.S. I will not be able to attend the 8/25 meeting as I will be away in South Carolina, VP Jim Carter or another board member will take over for that meeting.)
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