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Viewing Newsletter for 16-29 May 2019

Issue #Date RangeDate AuthoredAuthorAttachments
2019, #2116-29 May 2019May 21, 2019Stephen Shoshin2

This week (16-29 May)…..

Due to extenuating circumstances, there will be no meeting this week (23rd of May 2019) of the TRCC. All the tables and chairs in the Community Room will be removed for another purpose.

Thus the “Pravin Lakhani Memorial Tournament” will begin on May 30th, 2019. If you intend to play and have not yet registered, please do it now! It is an unrated tournament, open to all members. Intended to be a tribute to Pravin, who passed away on January 25th 2019, the event will celebrate Pravin’s positive and fun-loving nature, so join in! Lots of prizes and gifts! If you have not selected a section, please do so now! There are three sections: 1. “Whippersnappers” (for young players, new players, unrated players and those under 19) 2. “Wannabes” (for better players and higher rated players) 3. “Diminished Minds” (for the over 55 set and those who “used to be” contenders – you know who you are!). One bye will be permitted. Since two rounds will be held each night, only one half point will be awarded to players with a bye (actually two games). Byes must be requested before round one. Registration will end at 6:30 on the 30th of May. No late entries, no exceptions. First round begins promptly at 7:00 PM. Second round as soon as results are in and pairings created. G 20 d5 for 5 rounds with a sixth round blitz tiebreak and a playoff for section winners. Entry fee is $5.00. See Joan Totaro or Bob Whiteside at the meeting for registration. Make sure you include your shirt size when registering! Create nicknames for yourself as a player! Many prizes will be awarded! Fun for all! Tee Shirts! All in keeping with Pravin’s personality and attitude! Come and play! Celebrate chess and Pravin!

No. 1 – Hard, White mates in 4 moves. No. 2 – Easy, White mates in 2. (see attachments)

Thank you to Michael Favata and Kyril Kavetsky for renewing membership to the TRCC! Nice going, guys! And welcome and congratulations to William Restrepo for joining! Thanks also to Evan Segui for introducing Willie to the club. Incidentally, Kyril has left for a ten week internship as a physics researcher in Singapore! Sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation! Good luck, Kyril! (Just don’t spit!)

Attendees were: Dave Doucette, Richard Newmark, TB, Sam Foster, Nick Carlson, Vinnie Vea, Ed Van Arkel, Kyril Kavetsky, Isaiah and Joan Totaro (thanks, Joan, for the help!), Joe O’Brien, Jim Carter, Dinkar Pujara, Freddie R., George Jenkinson, Nathan Kripinski, Ed McDonald, William Restrepo, Jonathan and Robert Capalbo, David Kleinfeld, Stan Lachick, Dan Westadt, Jim Bonanno, Pat Festa, Evan Segui, Mike Favata, Mike Symczak, Mackenzie Maher, Christian Discenza, Edd Knowles, Steve Doyle, Greg Coats, Paul Howe, myself and a number of first time visitors: Renee Romanogilani and her sons Christian, Matthew and Jacob Gilani, Amir, and Ben Ashna. 41! Welcome! And thanks to Deborah and Erik Stroin for inviting them!
Dinkar was finally able to pick up his prize for the Club Championship to a round of applause and acknowledgement!

Solutions: Puzzle 1: 1.Rh7 Bf6 2.Qh6 e3 3.Rg7+ Bxg7 4.Qxg7# Puzzle 2: 1.Qd7+ Rxd7 2.exd7#

A member admitted to the club president that they had been insulted and hurt by behavior of a few TRCC members. This is not the first time a situation like this has arisen, but in the past, these issues were dealt with directly and quickly. This instance has happened over some time but will be addressed as soon as possible by intervention of the TRCC president. This type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated at the Toms River Chess Club. Please do not succumb to any derogatory behavior, however intended, toward any member of the club. Any negative, “non-politically correct” attitudes are anathema to the club’s purpose and intent. Please control any improper behavior which could result in negative reactions by fellow members. Please do not enquire who the offended party is; they asked to remain anonymous.

Any (other) questions, corrections, suggestions or comments, contact:

Stephen Shoshin
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Underdog Steve D`Agostino
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